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What are the protective measures for the adhesive plywood?

Adhesive plywood to do two major prevention: fire prevention and damage prevention
1, prevent damage
The adhesive plywood is also easily damaged. Even the tiny gray gravel, after a considerable period of time is also easy to wear on the surface of the rough and color, leaving traces. The ash gravel, in a timely manner with semi wet soft cloth wipe. It is better to replace the flat bottom slippers and enter the room and not bring the gravel into the room. Don't wear soles with nails and hard bottom shoes with iron shod walking around, so that the surface is affected by the operation. Things that are rough, heavy and hard, and must not be dragged on the wooden floor.
When placed, the cushion should also be protected and attention should be paid to the light. The objects with edges and corners should not be placed directly on the wood ground to prevent operation. In case of operation, it should be repaired at any time. During repair, whether it is nail placement, specifications, or paint color, we should strive to restore the original form, and avoid any disharmony or disagreement with the whole wooden floor, which will affect its overall beauty.
2. Fire prevention
Plywood not extinguished cigarette butts and matches, can not be lost on the ground, electric stove, electric cooker, electric iron, electric iron, in place for fire and burn proof cushion, are not free to put on it, otherwise, easy to burn free card. The dust and dirt on the surface can not be wiped with gasoline in order to prevent the friction from generating electricity and cause the fire.

Flexibility of handling and handling of wooden cases in Dong

Dongguan wooden box is also convenient in the process of loading and unloading. There are standard forklift trucks and fork arms at the bottom of the wooden box, which is more advantageous. The forklift truck is also doing business. The stable boxes of wooden boxes can not be done, which can protect your equipment when goods are transported, loaded and unloaded. The same appearance of the wooden box can be printed on any picture and text, moving into the image of the goods. In order to protect the large and expensive goods cartons, it is too bad to bear the load, so it is safer to use the wooden packing box. With the wooden box, it is because of its three kinds of flexibility, so that the goods can be very good arrangement, placement and so on. So what are the most important aspects of the three flexibility? The flexibility of the quantity, which can package both a single commodity and a different mass of goods.
The flexibility of the planning, the Dongguan wooden box whole equipment selection unit, change to one or several units, can be used to change the goods. The flexibility of supply, the selection of unit combination, the combination of the units to supply. The timber used in Dongguan wooden cases can not have defects such as cracks, corrosion, worm moth and so on. The thickness of the wood can provide good strength with the thickness of about 20mm. It is also necessary to ensure that the nail in the nails will not appear when the nail splitting phenomenon, iron nails must not be inclined to wear wooden boards, otherwise the strength will not be enough.

What are the uses of Dongguan wooden cases

1. Dongguan wooden case: suitable for all kinds of goods and products domestic or export packaging, economical and practical.
2. slippery wooden case: suitable for large machinery, mechanical and electrical products or heavy equipment and production line packaging and transportation.
3.: a box for large pieces of plastic, cloth or automotive glass products to domestic transport packaging.
4., the enclosed box is a new type of packaging that can be recycled repeatedly. It is suitable for the packaging of irregular products such as fasteners, metal balls, stamping parts and so on, which is the only choice for products exported to Europe.
5. plywood box: suitable for general general goods packing and transportation, the general quality of the single box loading is generally not more than 2 tons.

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