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 Dongguan Darong Packing Products Co., Ltd. (former Dongguan Dachang Packing Products Co., Ltd., founded in 1999) is a production logistics packaging materials professional manufacturers. Since its establishment in 1999, has accumulated more than ten years of experience in designing and manufacturing, in the industry have a high visibility, and thus get the support and trust of our customers. 
    The factory is located in the Tongsha Industrial Zone Dongcheng District Dongguan city Guangdong Province, business area of nearly square, plant management and production staff, were screened out after a long time the elite team, with a high degree of responsibility and professionalism, with advanced production equipment (unique large drying room, shipment is not affected by the impact of rain), and actively develop new products, to seize the market the highest point, to create a win-win business relationship for the customer. 
    The factory passed the ISO quality certification, product quality and stability.The products of our company have the advantages in its high strength, and practical, beautiful, easy use, winning the recognition from the users in majority. 
    Give us the opportunity today, we’ll reward you the first-rate quality and best service.
    Main Products:
    Paper Protection Corner        Plywood Pallet        Paper Pallet
    Fiber Pallet                   Steel Plywood Box
    Operating principles:integrity, high quality, innovation and high efficiency.
    Quality Monitoring policy: full participation in continuous quality improvement meet and exceed increasing demands from our customers.

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