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Years of design and manufacturing experience in the industry has a high reputation, which has been the majority of customer support and trust.

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In the company of people-oriented, quality first, credit first, customer first approach

Dongguan Darong Packing Products Co., Ltd. (former Dongguan Dachang Packing Products Co., Ltd., founded in 1999) is a production logistics packaging materials professional manufacturers. Since its establishment in 1999, has accumulated more than ten years of experience in designing and manufacturing, in the industry have a high visibility, and thus get the support and trust of our customers. The factory is located in the Tongsha Industrial Zone Dongcheng District Dongguan city Guangdong Province, business area of nearly square, plant management and production staff, were screened out after a long time the elite team, with a high degree of responsibility and professionalism, with advanced production equipment (unique large drying room, shipment is not affected by the impact of rain), and ac

 01  professional design team can tailor-made for their customers packaging products

  • The company's design team has more than 10 years of various types of corporate product packaging;
  • According to the characteristics of your product, tailor-made for your product most suitable for your packaging products

 02  production and marketing integration, complete specifications, adequate supply, ready supply  

  • After the first market research and production, the full range of commonly used specifications, with a number of cardboard production lines;
  • Adequate supply of raw materials, bulk orders can enjoy discounts

 03  All products comply with the EU ROHS environmental standards  

  • Products comply with the EU ROHS environmental standards, made SGS non-toxic test report,you can do waterproofing, recyclable;
  • Products won the ISO9001: 2015 quality management system certification

 04  layers of checks to eliminate your worries in the course of use

  • A custom, follow-up worry-free; existing products, complete specificationsfrom pre-sale to after-sales will be someone to follow-up from the delivery of the order to have someone responsible for professional people to do professional things;
  • Factory area, convenient transportation, a phone call, delivery to the "home", at any time need, readily available. Easily meet customer delivery.




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    Key and measures of waterproof and moisture-proof in corruga


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    What are the common sense of the adhesive plywood?

    胶合卡板的材料常识有哪些? 为了适应不同的出口产品要求,一般胶合卡板也会采用不同的材料来制作卡板。那么,比较常用的胶合卡板的材料是哪些呢?一起看看下面的分析吧。 1、...

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    What defects are there in the plywood

    胶合卡板广泛用于堆码方式使用及货架使用,在使用过程中胶合卡板存在的缺点有什么呢?下面为大家介绍一下。 1.由于木材是天然材料,其质量受地域气候等多方面影响,即便是同一...

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    The material of the glued board is required

    胶合卡板广泛使用于仓库,仓储,工厂等物流中心。胶合卡板的制作在材质方面有什么要求,下面为大家讲解一下。 1、成本:木胶合卡板成本最低。但中国目前没有木胶合卡板行业标...

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