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What defects are there in the plywood

Plywood is widely used for stacking shelves use and use what exists in the process of using plywood defect? Let's give you a brief introduction.
1., because wood is natural material, its quality is affected by regional climate and so on. Even for the same batch of raw materials, it is difficult to achieve uniform standard in terms of dry humidity and wind cracking.
2. the plywood is easy to be dampened, mouldy, and moth eaten, and can not be cleaned. In addition, the shedding of the surface of the wood and the corrosion of the screw can not be overcome.
3. the service life of the wooden board is short, and the turnover time is about 200 - 300 times under the regular use of the glued board.
4. the same due to health reasons (mainly longicorn damage), since 1998 the United States and the European Union on the Chinese export pallets have issued a ban, wood pallets for fumigation treatmentbefore export. Fumigation required time and cost are large (usually takes 48 hours, the cost for the cost of about 20%), and the drug used for fumigation (such as potassium bromide and preparation for harmful alcohol etc.). In addition, the card after the use of the export shall be carried out by the carrier or for destruction. This greatly affects the application of one-off wooden board.
5. the demand for wood from wooden boards caused huge consumption and even destruction of forest resources. From the trend of development, its raw material resources will be exhausted day by day.

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