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The material of the glued board is required

Adhesive plywood is widely used in warehouses, warehouses, factories and other logistics centers. The production of the adhesive plywood in the material aspects of the requirements, the following for you to explain.

1, cost: the cost of wood gluing board is the lowest. However, there is no industry standard of wood gluing card in China. The quality of Shenzhen wood pallet with the same structure is quite different because of the difference in material or processing technology. The market price varies greatly, and the price varies from 20 yuan to 100 yuan. If the wood gluing board is not easily managed, it can be damaged easily, but it can be repaired. Plastic plywood because the price of raw materials, the cost is much higher than that of the wood plywood, in 80 yuan ~ 700 yuan. But the life of the plastic gluing board is 6 - 8 times the life of the wood gluing board, and it can be reclaimed or replaced by the original manufacturer. The cost of steel gluing is the highest.

2, bearing requirements: the strongest bearing capacity of steel plywood (the capacity of more than 2000KG), the plastic plywood (general dynamic load can reach 500KG ~ 2000KG), plywood and wood composite plywood performance (less than 1000KG), the bearing capacity of paper plywood is the worst.

3, humidity and humidity: the bonding boards of some materials can not be used in wet environment due to their strong hygroscopicity, such as wood glued card and paper glued card, otherwise, it will directly affect the service life. The steel glued card and plastic glued card can prevent moisture. .

4, temperature: the use of the glued board is the most widely used in the range of 40 degrees to 25 degrees.

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